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    Home Remedy : Hair fall And Baldness

    Home Remedy : Hair fall And Baldness

    • Hair Fall involves the state of lacking hair where it often grows, especially on the head. The most common form of baldness is a progressive hair  thinning condition called ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA or “male pattern baldness’ that occurs in adult male humans and other species. The amount and patterns of Hair Fall can vary greatly; it ranges from male and female pattern alopecia, alopecia areata, which involves the loss of some of the hair from the head, and alopecia total is, which involves the loss of all head hair, to the most extreme form, alopecia universalis , which involves the loss of all hair from the head and the body.
    • Although hair is not vital for living but it has lots of cosmetic concern to provoke restlessness in anyone when it begins thinning, lessening or disappearing. To a female, the view of a comb or brush enclosed with lost hair can cause strong mental strain. Hair is fashioned in little pockets in the skill called hair follicles. An up growth at the base of the follicle, called the papilla, usually produces hair when a particular group of cells turn amino acids into keratin, a sort of protein ‘building  blocks’ decides hair growth. The average enlargement rate is about 1.2 centimeters per month, increasing fastest on women between 15 to 30 years of age.


    Main hair symptoms are seeing hair on clothes after comb, bald patches and receding hairline. Symptoms are pretty clear for hair loss.
    Hair fall Treatment


    • The most fundamental causes of hair is inadequate nutrition. Persons lacking in vitamin B6 lose their hair and those lacking in folic acid often become completely Hair bald. But the hair grows usually after the liberal intake of these vitamins.
    • Stress, Prolonged Illness, impure conditions – Other important causes of hair loss are stress such as worry, anxiety and unexpected shock, genral body debility caused  by severe or long standing illnesses like typhoid, syphilis, of the scalp that weakens the hair roots by jamming the pores with collect dirt, and heredity.


    There are several kind of Hair Fall or baldness :


    It is most commonly found in people with pontails or corn rows who pull on their hair with excessive force.

    It is the loss of hair caused by compulsive pulling and bending of the hairs. It tends to occur more in children than in adults. In this condition the hairs are not absent from the scalp but are broken. Where they break near the scalp they cause typical, short, ‘exclamation mark' hairs.


    • By Rubbing Scalp – 

    An energetic rubbing of the scalp with fingers tips after washing the hair with cold water is extremely beneficial in avoding hair loss and Baldness. The scalp must be rubbed force fully till it starts to tingle with the heat.

    Olive oil with honey mask -  

    Mix 5 teaspoonful of olive oil with 5 teaspoonful of honey and stir them.

    Apply this mixture all over the hair and also on the scalp.
    Tie all the hair in a bun. If you are a men or a female with short hair then you can decrease the quantity of the both the ingredients.
    Apply this and leave for 2 hours then wash the hair with lukewarm water. Try this once in a week.

    With help of Amalaki Oil – 

    Amalaki oil that is made by boiling  dry pieces of amalaki in coconut oil, is considered helpful hair tonic for enriching hair growth. Amixture of wn equal amount of fresh amalaki juice and lime juice , used as a shampoo also arouses hair growth and prevents hair
    • With Lettuce – 

    Lettuce is useful in avoiding hair loss. A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is thought to be helful in promoting the growth of hair if taken to the degree to half a liter a day.
    • With Amaranath - 

    Amaranath is good home remedy for hair loss. Its fresh leaf juice must be applied to the scapl to prevent hair loss. It aids in the growth of the hair and keep it soft.
    • Don't towel-dry your hair in a rush or by rubbing it too hard. Gently skim the towel throughout.
    •  Let your hair air-dry as much as you can. Heating causes a thinning effect on your hair making it easily breakable. 
    • Alfalfa prevent hair loss -

    The juice of alfalfa, in combination with similar amounts of carrot and lettuce juice, taken on daily nasis, also aids in the growth of hair to an amzing extent.
    • Neem is good herbal treatment for hair loss -

    The leaves of the neem tree are also useful in the treatment of hair loss. IF hair has been falling or has stop to produce it should be rinsed with the decoration of leaves. This will stop hair fall and also kill the head lice.

    • Indian Lilac (Neem) is one of the best remedies to improving hair growth. Wash your hair with a paste made out of Neem leaves and follow it up with an apple-cedar-vinegar rinse
    • Avocado and honey mask-

      Take 1 avocado and scoop out the flesh of this fruit.
      Put that flesh in the blender and add 3 teaspoonful of honey in it. Also add 2 teaspoonful of pure almond oil.
      Then blend the three ingredients until you get a smooth puree.
      Then apply this on the hair especially on the dry ends.
      This is a deep conditioning hair mask which suits the damaged hair the best. Wash this off with lukewarm water.
    • Ayurvedic tips for healthy hair-

      ½ cups of Apple cider vinegar
      1 cup of water
      2-3 drops of jojoba oil
    • Method:
      Mix Apple Cider vinegar around ½ cup in one cup of water. Then add 2-3 drops of jojoba oil in it.
      After you have shampooed your hair then pour this mixture over the hair and sit for 10 minutes.
      Then wash this off. This will add a healthy shine to the lifeless hair.

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