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    Burning Urine OR Dysuria

    Burning Urine OR Dysuria

    Dysuria- A painful, burning sensation during urination. Urination is a common complaint for young women. It often indicates urinary tract infection but can also indicate sexually transmitted infection. Upon examination, dysuria urine frequently appears cloudy and microscopic analysis often shows pus in the urine. Dysuria is not a disease and only signifies an underlying illness. It is often caused by an infection located in the pelvis, upper or lower urinary tract, kidneys, the bladder, urethra or prostate.
                    Fever, Haematuria (blood in urine), Proteinuria(Protein in urine), nausea and vomiting are some accompanying signs and symptoms that may occur during episodes of dysuria.


    • More common in women.
    • More common in elderly males than in young men.
    • E. Coli is common causative pathogen.
    • Usually not contagious.
    • Treatment depends on the cause.
    • May recur after antibiotic treatment.
    •  Forskolin extract: Herbal cure.
    • Urinalysis: Dysuria test for pus in urine, blood in urine or protein in urine.
    • Urine culture: Dysuria test for microorganisms like E.Coli.
    • Cervical or urethral smear: Dysuria tests for sexually transmitted causes like gonorrhea.
    • Spicy food and coffee may aggravate dysuria.
    dysuria remedy
    Burning Urine (Dysuria) Home care


    It is caused by gonorrhea, stones, worms, inflammation of the urinary gland, disorders of the placenta or kidney, amoebiasis etc. This way, dysuria will get automatically cured. Amoebiasis was suppressed by a patient by taking opium. When he got amoebiasis again, he also developed dysuria once again. The causes of dysuria are varied but is usually infections in origin. Other causes may include:

    Urinary Tract Infection: Most common Cause-

    • Vulvovaginitis.
    • Kidney stones: Usually associated with blood in urine.
    • Ovarian cyst.
    • Sexually transmitted infections: Gonorrhoea, Trichomoniasis.
    • Use of catheter.
    • Irritants: Bath soaps, lubricants, vaginal sprays and douches.


    • To prevent painful urination, drinking plenty of fluids is recommended. A good gauge of hydration is the color of urine; yellowish urine may indicate poor hydration.
    • In women, dysuria can be prevented by frequently changing menstrual pads and tampons. Use of irritants like bath soaps should be avoided.
    • In children, frequent diaper changes help to   prevent painful urination. Avoiding bubble baths and soaps can also help.


    • Using Carrots: Drinking a glass of carrot juice daily clears the flow of urine. It provides relief from painful, burning and difficult micturition.
    • Using Ginger: If urine is characterized by pain and blood, mix fine and sieved powder of mix fine and sieved powder of dried ginger in milk, add sugar and drink it. This will prevent dysuria.


    Using Coriander: Put half a kg of boiling water in a new earthen pot and mix 30 grams of semi-pounded coriander seeds. The following morning, mash the coriander seeds, strain and add 30 grams of Sugar Sweet(batasha). Divide into five doses and take it five times a day. It will be beneficial in micturition which is characterized by blood, obstruction, pain, burning and restlessness.


    Natural home remedy for dysuria:

    • Using Water: Drinking hot water is beneficial in all types of dysuria. Hot water has a purifying property. Lukewarm water should be taken. It is useful in painful micturition.
    • Cardamom powder: Cardamom powder with milk clears the flow of urine and provides relief from dysuria.

    Urinary diseases can be cured by homeopathic treatment without a surgical operation.

    Gooseberry(Amla):Mix Four tablespoons of Gooseberry (Amla) juice and  mixed with a one tablespoon of sugar candy (mishri) powder taken twice a day daily.It  help to cure Dysuria.

    Ridge gourd (Touri): Ridge gourd is a very effective remedy for dysuri Take it in any form it is effective in reducing burrning and curing Dysuria. 

    Carrot: Drink  Carrot juice every morning ,it helps to cure burning urine problem.

    Ginger: Mix one tablespoon sugar and one tablespoon ginger juice in one glass of water.and drink this for two days , you will notice that the burning urine problem will be gone.

    Buttermilk: Mix half teaspoon  black pepper powder or cumin seed powder to one glass of buttermilk and  drink it  2 to 3 times in  a day .

    Coriander:Take coriander seeds(you can also use coriander leaves if seeds are not available.) Mash them and boil them in water for about 5 minutes. Strain this mixture and have it between your meals, but not immediately before or after your meal. Keep a gap of at least 2 hours.It  help to cure Dysuria.

    Radish : Take one tablespoon radish juice every morning .it cure dysuria.

    Cauliflower : Take cauliflower in any form it is a very effective remedy.it cure dysuria and reduce burning.

    Lady Finger :Take Lady Finger in any form it is effective in reducing burning and curing dysuria.

    Tulsi : Eat  2-3 tulsi leaves daily.it cure dysuria and reduce burning.

    Pomegranate : Pomegranate reduces burning in urine.Drink one glass of pomegranate juice twice in a day .

    Onion : Chop the 50 gram onion in small slices and boil it in 1 lt water when it remains 1/4 th filter it and drink it twice in a day daily.It reduces burning in urine.

    Cucumber : Drink Cucumber juice twice a day daily,it help to reduce burning and pain in urination.

    Lemon : Mix half lemon juice in one glass of hot water and drink it everyday it cures dysuria.

    Baking Soda :   Take baking soda and water add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and stir until it dissolves completely.Drink iton an empty stomach.Do this daily upto a week.

    Plain Yogurt : Eat 2 to 3 cups of plain yogurt daily.It reduces burning and pain urination.

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