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Premature Ejaculation

What is Premature Ejaculation?


Premature Ejaculation is condition in which a man passes out semen either before or soon after entering his female partner during sexual intercourse. This is a common phenomenon occurring in the most men at some point or there, but is more common in very young men and can have a demoralising effect on both partners.
Premature ejaculation is ejaculation that happens too soon for a man and his partner to enjoy sex.Leave Early Semen is called as Premature Ejaculation. Early Premature ejaculation is more common among older men.However, it is also not a rarity among the younger generation of men.Within 60 seconds of the start of intercourse, if any man’s semen goes then it is called as Early Fall or Premature Ejaculation. Unfortunate though it seems, many men suffer from premature ejaculation which is a failure in prolonging the ejaculation and attaining full climax.International Society Sexsual medical experts have first time defined the early-fall The report also states that 30 per cent of global man are suffereing from Premature Ejaculation at some point in their life.Ejaculation can be considered premature when it occurs 30 seconds to 4 minutes into sex, depending on different cultures, countries and experts.
Premature Ejaculation home base treatment
Premature Ejaculation home base treatment

Premature Ejaculation Factors-

(1) The chief Premature Ejaculation factor in many instances- man is worried about how he is likely to perform
(2) Man tries to make love too hurriedly.
(3) Psychological causes, like stress, emotion also play a role.

Tips and Techniques to Delay Premature Ejaculation

1. Changing Position :Taking various Position of having of having an intercourse can help you to delay premature ejaculation. Lying underneath your partner is one of the best positions ever. You can see her face and the whole thing is really sexy. 
2.Thicker condoms: Use of  thicker  condom wall can help to decrease the sensitivity of the penis .
3. Take a deep breath before ejaculation: Taking a deep breathe can help to  delay the orgasm by slowing ejaculation and stimulation.
Types of Premature Ejaculation 
There are two types of premature ejaculation:
a.) lifelong (or primary) 

b.) acquired (or secondary)

a.)Lifelong Premature Ejaculation starts early on, usually when you are a teenager experiencing first sexual contact. It is harder to treat and often has deeper psychological causes. Bad habits may also contribute (such as masturbating to ejaculate as fast as possible in order to avoid getting caught).

b.)Acquired PrematureEjaculation happens later in life and is usually triggered by either psychological (stress or relationship issues) or physical causes (diabetes or high blood pressure) 

What is Premature Ejaculation?

In Premature Ejaculation reassurance is the best treatment-
(1) It is a passing problem, and in most cases, is resolved in due course of time.
(2) One should just try to forget about it and even laugh it off. This can do wonders.
(3) If it becomes a long term problem, seek a doctor’s opinion. he may suggest sexual counselling.
Premature Ejaculation Sign & Symptoms-
Premature Ejaculation before or very soon after penetration is the main symptom, causing embarrassment to both the partners

Home Remedies To Cure Premature Ejaculation

Onion: Onion having such properties which cure  sexual problem.Green and general, both types of onions are beneficial.Take a spoon of the seeds of green onions and add it to one glass of water. Mix well and drink this before every meal you have.
Lady Finger: A powder obtained from lady finger is very benificial to cure premature ejaculation.Take about 10 grams of the powder and add to a hot glass of milk. Mix two teaspoons of candy sugar to this and drink this daily.Till 1 month for better results. 
Ginger and Honey:Take half a teaspoon of ginger and the same amount of honey and add this to a glass of hot milk and make sure that you  Drink this before you are off to bed .
Carrots,Eggs and Honey: Take 2 carrots and 1/2 egg and 1 tablespoon honey then Chop 2 carrots and mix it with a 1/2boiled egg. Add 1 tablespoon of honey to this. This can be taken every day for about three months for better results.
Raw Garlic:Chewing 2-3 Cloves of garlic for 3 months makes a lot of difference in premature ejaculation.
Banana,Cow’s Pure Ghee and Milk: Mix 10 grams of Cow’s pure ghee in 1 glass of milk and take this with 1 banana daily makes a lot of difference in premature ejaculation.
Pomegranate : Eat pomegranate daily it will help to cure pemature ejaculation .
Milk and Honey : Mix 3 tablespoon of honey in 1 glass of milk and drink it daily.it helps in controlling premature ejaculation.
Coconut:it is an ayurvedic remedy that is very popular in India,coconut can treat a number of sexual problems in men including the problem of premature ejaculation. 
Ashwagandha Churna  in doses of 5 gms twice a day with milk helps in Premature Ejaculation.
Jatiphala(Myristica Fragrans) pasted with milk in also an effective remedy, when used in doses of 3-5 gms twice a day.
Chop two carrots and mix it with a half boiled egg. Add one tablespoon of honey to this. This can be taken every day for about three months. – See more at: http://www.findhomeremedy.com/treat-premature-ejaculation-with-11-strengthening-remedies/#sthash.sBgYYVjN.dp