Penis Enlargement Medicine

Penis Enlargement Medicine

Penis Enlargement Medicine

If you want to thicken your penis(penis enlargement), there are many such drugs available in nature  through which you can increase the blood flow in your penis and also increase your penis temporarily . To increase the length and thickness of the penis permanently, you have to take these medicines regularly, as well as you have to make some changes in your diet.Exercise and yoga should also be included in your everyday life and also control your weight.

Many people having belief that only surgery or penis enlargement drugs is effective for increasing penis. It is true that surgery and medical drugs can increase the penis, but they can also have several side effects. And there are many risks in surgery, such as decreased libido in the penis or in some cases completely overdue. Therefore natural methods are the best to prolong the penis. But keep in mind that in these ways required some patience and hard work and regularlity.

Penis Enlargement Medicine

Penis Enlargement Medicine

1- Ginseng- In Korean Red Ginseng, a substance called ginsenosides is found which cures the central nervous system and helps in increasing blood circulation in the penis Because it does not have any scientific evidence that how the penis grows with the intake of ginseng, but many scientific researches proves that consuming ginseng’s tablets for a week regularly  improves sex hormone and give your dick fully standing looks like.

Take a 500 mg ginseng tablet every day to bring stress to your penis.

Keep in mind – these tablets should be made of ‘Korean Ginseng Route’ and must have been made by a well-known company. Also, do not consume more tablets everyday. Since Ginseng can do many other remedies with medicines and can have negative effects on patients who are suffering from cancers, heart disease, insomnia etc. Therefore, consult your doctor before regular consumption of it.

2- Ginko Biloba – Ginko Biloba drug enhances blood circulation in the penis and helps in making it stand out. According to a study in the University of California, Ginko Biloba is the most effective drug for men suffering from sexual arousal and impotence. Also, there are no other side effects on the body.

You can take Ginko Biloba in tea or take capsule supplement. It is easily available at any medical or food store.

Note – If you take medicines for diluting blood or blood pressure, take Ginko Biloba. Alternatively, consult your doctor before consuming it.

3- L-arginine – L-arginine is an amino acid which increases the blood flow in the penis and helps keep it long for sex. According to a study in Israel, men who take L-arginine supplements for 6 consecutive weeks have more potential for sex than other men. It is easily available at any food store or medical store. It should be taken in the quantity of 1-1 grams three times a day.

Note-If you are taking nitroglycerin medicines to repair your chest pain, do not eat L-arginine, because it reduces blood pressure. Consult your doctor for the correct information about taking this medicine.

4- Melon – Like L-arginine, there are many properties found in watermelon that help to prolong the penis and increase sex time. Watermelon contains an amino acid named citrulline which changes into arginine amino acids by going to the blood and helps in spreading blood vessels. With this, the  enough amount of blood reaches in every part of the body along with the penis.

Since the presence of citrulline in watermelon is discovered nowadays. Therefore, it is not yet known what amount of intake should be consumed due to inadequate studies. But since watermelon is a super-food that is beneficial for the health of men, so you can eat as much as you want.

If there is no watermelon season you can also consume its seeds by mixing it with milk.

What to do and What not to do

1- Stop Smoking

Like heart, penis is also a box of blood , the more the blood it contain, the size of penis  is also the same. Continuous consumption of smoking or other drug products reduces blood vessels and does not reach enough amount of blood in the penis. So if you smoke then your penis will be less than your capacity.

2- Exercise Regularly – By doing regular exercise, blood circulation in the body is fine and the blood reaches in enough amount in blood vessels of penis. If you do not exercise at all, surely your penis will be small and you will not get full enjoyment of sex.

You can choose any exercise such as running, biking, swimming etc. and make at least one hour daily. Regular exercise of any type of exercise helps to improve blood circulation and helps to prolong the penis.

Keep in mind – Exercise does not change the size of penis Because there are smoother issues in the penis that are not get strong as other muscles, and never get spread. But yes, if you do regular exercise it definitely increase blood circulation  in your penis.

4- Exercise Your Pelvic Floor Muscles – Pelvic floor muscles are present in the back of the penis, which help in controlling urine . Also, these muscles help in keeping the blood in the penis at the time penis erection. Therefore, by strengthening these pelvic floor muscles, you can hold blood in your penis for longer periods of time and enjoy sex for a long time.

You can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles through the kegal exercise. The ways to exercise keeling are given below.

a.Start by lying on your back until you get the feel of contracting the pelvic floor muscles.

b.When you have the hang of it, practice while sitting and standing.Contract your pelvic floor muscles for 3 to 5 seconds then Relax for 3 to 5 seconds and Repeat the contract/relax cycle 10 times.

c.Keep other muscles relaxed.

d.Gradually increase the length of contractions and relaxations. Try to do at least 30 to 40 Kegels every day.

Take this exercise everyday in the evening.

5-  Reduce your stomach obesity

If your stomach has grown, your penis will feel small and you will have trouble having sex. As it is not easy to reduce stomach fat, but if you succeed in it, you will get great help in improving your sex life. So start taking measures to control your obesity today.

According to studies conducted at Harvard University, people whose belly and waist size are 42 inches or more, men 50% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than 32-inch waist.

By doing regular exercises, you can reduce your fat. Pay more attention to cardio exercises and weight training.

6-  Make your diet healthy. Do not eat excessive fat food.

Also, do not consume refined and processed foods such as chips, burgers etc. Do not even consume excessive sugar, starch and foods containing hydrogenated oil.

7-  Use penis enlargement equipment

Nowadays there are many simple, non-harmful tools available in the market, which can help to enlarge penis and during sex, the penis lasts for a long time. If you want to increase your penis without any medicines or harmful treatment, use the following tools –

a- Penis Ring – It helps to hold blood in the penis during the erection, so that your penis is bigger and tight.

b- Penis pump – This is a vacuum pump in which the penis is fitted. Vacuum grows the penis and makes room for more blood and keeps it hold. By regular use of it, the penis gradually becomes thicker.

Keep the following things in mind while lengthening the penis

Avoid counterfeit products that make long-lasting drug – Since most people are willing to prolong their penis, taking advantage of which many companies sell fake products by claiming to increase their penis in less time. These Fake Products are just names which have no effect on gender. Keep in mind that the smallening of the penis is a genetic problem that can not be solved in less time by any miraculous product. Therefore, avoid the companies claiming to lengthen the penis in a short time.(Penis Enlargement)

Choose Herbal Viagra Products Carefully

Viagra is mainly used to correct erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension in the pulmonary artery. Since it increases the flow of blood in the body for some time, resulting in excessive blood flow of the penis, the penis is temporarily thick and the vagina increases, so many people use it to enhance sex pleasure.

In the market, many companies sell herbal Viagra products, which many people buy too. But according to the doctors, consuming Viagra repeatedly can be quite harmful, because there are many side effects of it on human body.

If you are planning to use herbal Viagra to temporarily increase your penis, then only take Viagra, made by a reputable company.

Do not use Viagra repeatedly.

For increasing penis size, doing stretching and weight hanging exercise is  a very popular treatment, and it also has some benefit. By doing these exercises, the penis starts to proliferate but it also becomes thin. Therefore, there is no special benefit to of this.

Get complete information about every complexity before getting penis surgery

Phalloplasty or Penis enlargement surgery is the easiest way to prolong penis, but it can have many dangerous side effects. Going through surgery results in penis enlargement but its natural ability can be reduced, sexual arousal may decrease and in some cases the penis does not erect(stand). So before going through surgery, talk to the doctor about its complexity.

Some questions related to gender size and their answers

Q – What is the normal size of the penis?

According to the UK National Health Service, the average size of the erect penis  5.5 to 6.3 inches (14 to 16 cm). But the size above 3 inches (7.5 cm) is also considered to be normal.

Q- How big is a perfect penis which women like?

Many researches have proven that the size of gender does not matter to most women. But many men start worrying about not being able to satisfy the woman when the penis is small. Keep in mind that women’s cohorts can adjust themselves according to the size of the gender of the male, so it does not matter if the gender is small. But yes, if you worry too much about it, there will definitely be a decrease in sex satisfaction due to depression.

Q- Are there any side effects of using penis rings or pumps?

Penis rings and pump are mechanical devices that help in improving blood circulation in the penis. Normal use does not have any side effects, if you use it many times for masturbating it harm your penis. If your penis is hurt, do not use their devices.

Q – Does masturbating have a negative effect on the size of the penis?

No, masturbation does not affect the size of the penis. But if you do excessive masturbation, it can have a bad effect on your sex life.

Q- What should i do  if  these natural remedies not help me to increase my penis size(Penis Enlargement)?

Pay special attention to your technique and be patient. It takes time to raise the size of the penis naturally but it proves to be very beneficial.