Jelqing – Penis Enlargement Exercise

Jelqing – Penis Enlargement Exercise

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing definition –

There is a technique to pull the penis for increasing its size, which is called milking or jelqing. Through this exercise, the penis increases faster and rapidly. According to the doctor, if this exercise is done correctly, there is no harm.

Jelqing is one of the most popular penis enlargement exercises.It also known as jelching, jeljing, jelging, jeljing and gelging. The angle you use for doing jelqing depends on which part of the penis you want to stretch. Jelqing down to stretch the ligaments downward while jelqing (which also increases length). It’s recommended you change it up to stretch the penis and ligaments in all directions – down, up, left, and right are all variations on the basic jelqing.

Jelqing is a process also known as milking, wherein the person will hold the penis by using his thumb and index finger to form ‘OK’ grip and with a light pressure on the OK-grip, move it up the penis slowly it does not hurt your penis but pushes the blood up your penis effectively.

Regardless of how much you can convince yourself, the fact is that size makes a difference. If you are naturally anxious to increase the size of the penis, then perhaps you will not have any better thing than these exercises.

Jelqing – Penis Enlargement Exercise
Jelqing – Penis Enlargement Exercise

Steps To Perform Jelqing

There are total 7 steps for Performing Jelqing names are as follows-

1. Preliminary Warm-ups
2. Semi-Erection State
3. Lubrication
4. Making the OK Shape
5. Start Stroking at the Base
6. Use the Other hand
7. Warm downs


1.Wrap a warm cloth around your penis for about 5 minutes. The aim is to expand the penile tissues and increase blood flow into the girth.

2.Make your penis in Semi-Erection State you need your penis to be in this state throughout the jelqing exercise.

3.Before starting the jelqing exercise, lubricate the penis with Vaseline,  baby oil, or any penis lubricant.

4.Use the thumb and the point finger to form the OK-grip.

5.Place the OK-grip around the base of penis that is close to the pubic bone.With a light pressure on the OK-grip, move it up the penis slowly.Do a stroke for a few seconds and release your fingers every time you reach the head. It is important to perform the strokes in a slow and controlled way to achieve the desired results.

6. Once you have stroked with one hand, create the OK sign again with the other hand and alternately repeat the procedure slowly and in a controlled way.

7. Now Warm Down This process is similar to the preliminary warm-ups. The only difference is that your penis will still be in its semi-erect state. Take a warm cloth again and cover your penis with it for about 5 minutes. You can warm for a longer time than warm-ups by reheating and using the cloth for the second round.

Routine For First 30 days once you are habitual of  it then it won’t have problem

In 1st Week : only one  5-min session with 100 strokes
In Second Week : Two 5-min sessions with 100 strokes each
Third Week : Two 5-min sessions with 150 strokes each
In Fourth Week : Two 10-min sessions with 300 strokes each

Ways to increase the size of genitalia

Regardless of how much you can convince yourself, the fact is that size makes a difference. One of the reasons for the stressful relationship among peers is the reason, sexual dissatisfaction. Although there are many factors that determine the level of experience of women through satisfaction, the size of the penis also plays an important role. When the penis size is small, it can be a problem with sexual pleasure and stamina etc. So if you are curious about increasing the size of the penis naturally, then perhaps you will not have any better thing than these exercises. So, let’s know the penis size enhancer exercises and how it works.

What jelqing does provide in the penis enlargement process?

  • Jelqing promotes a stronger blood flow in the penis.
  • jelching also provides some girth gains.
  • jeljing also produces stronger, harder, and fuller erections.

How do Jelqing exercises work?

According to a site named Biextenz, genital size enhancement exercises are really effective. In fact, the penis is a very delicate organ, which is composed of many nerves and arteries. When we are sensual, the brain releases a hormone, which sends more blood to the penis region. This hormone is called carpus cavernosa. Because of this, hardness comes in the penis. With the help of these exercises, the penis size increases by 1 to 3 inches. Before exercising, you measure the gender, make your pubic area hair dead, adhere to a healthy dietary procedure, and be relaxed before it starts.

1- Jelqing Exercise –  Stretching

Stretch penis muscles are normal X-rays to warm up. This blood flow through the shaft so it should be done regularly. Before exercising stretching, make sure that the penis is in normal condition. Now slowly lift your penis and catch a horizontal stretch for a few seconds, and then bring it back to normalcy. It is advisable to Two to five sessions a week are necessary. You should do 3 sessions a week leaving 24 hours of space between each of them so that the tissues recover. The duration of each session is between 20-30 minutes,depending on the intensity.

2- Jacking – How To Jelq For Length

ok grip for jelking exercise

Jacking is one of the most famous exercise of increasing penis size. With the help of this exercise, efforts are made to make maximum blood flow to the genital area. It stimulates the division of tissue cells located in your penis. To do this, put a little lubricant on the penis and massage the penis until the tip with thumb and index finger.


Jelqing Exercise Variations

  • Side Jelq-It done by jelqing against the curve.
  • 1-Hand Jelq- it is perform with 1 hand only. Do a ULI at the base before each stroke for a more intense jelq.
  • V-Jelq-To perform the v-jelq, make a V with your index and middle finger, with your palm facing toward you,then jelq upward.
  • Mini Jelqs-Always do mini jelqs to the weaker side of the penis, to workout that corpus cavernosa, and correct your curve.


Side effect of Jelqing

There is no evidence that there is an increase in the length of the penis due to the jelqing workout. Yes, its side effects are definitely. It is that if pulling heavily, the penis can damage the muscles and tissue.


Home Remedies(Remedios caseros) To Cure Sexual Weakness-Impotency(Impotencia Masculina), Erectile Dysfunction

Home Remedies To Cure Home Remedies To Cure Sexual Weakness-Impotency(Impotencia Masculina), Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual debility is a lack of sexual vitality or inability to perform sex adequately.

Causes of Sexual Weakness-Impotency, Erectile Dysfunction

Over work, stress, under weight and malnourishment.

Symptoms of Sexual Weakness-Impotency, Erectile Dysfunction

Low energy, fatigue, constant tiredness.

Home Remedy and Exercise to Treat Sexual Weakness
Home Remedy and Exercise to Treat Sexual Weakness

Remedios caseros|Remedy (Nuskhe)|Natural Remedies|Home Remedies|Treatment|Herbal Remedies for  Sexual Weakness-Impotency, Erectile Dysfunction

1 Fry equal quantities of carom seeds and kernel of tamarind seeds in ghee. Powder and store in a dry, cool place. Mix 1 teaspoon of this powder in a glass of milk along with 1 tablepoon honey. Drink daily at bedtime.

2 Make paranthas (is a flatbread that originated in the Indian subcontinent. )of wheat flour by adding 1/2 cup fenugreek leaves, 1/2 teaspoon ground almonds, 1/2 teaspoon poppy seeds  and a little clarified butter. Eat every day for 40 days.

3 Soak 8 to 10 almonds and 1 teaspoon rice overnight. Remove the outer skin, of almonds. Grind both into a fine paste. Mix in some milk and a pinch of turmeric powder. Boil and drink along with candy (or ordinary sugar to taste).

4 Take 2 teaspoons of gooseberry juice and mix it with two teaspoonfuls each of honey and lemon juice. Add one cup of water and drink on an empty stomach every morning.

5 Boil 1 teaspoon ground fenugreek seeds  in a cup of water and drink.

6 1/2 teaspoon ginger juice mixed with honey and a half-boiled egg, taken at night.

7 Mix 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg  powder in a teaspoon honey and take with a half-boiled egg an hour before going to bed.

8 Onion seeds dried and powdered, 1 teaspoon eaten 3 times daily along with sugar or honey.

9 Boil 1 cup of milk with 1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder and 6 to 8 crushed almonds. Take at bedtime.

10 Grind 2 or 3 teaspoons dried pomegranate seeds and take once or twice along with milk.

11 Mix 1/4 teaspoon saffron  with mil. Take twice daily.

12 Mix sesame seeds  with jaggery and eat.

13 Mix 2 tablespoon juice of the whitish variety of onions, 1 teaspoon clarified butter and 1 teaspoon juice of ginger , and about 1 half tablespoon honey. Eat this mixture first thing in the morning for about 4 months or more. This treatment, simple and easy, is a cure for sexual weakness in men and is much better than the fictitious and harmful advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

14 Frequent drinking of tender coconut water  and eating preparations made by using black gram will rejuvenate the sexual powder of men.
15 2 teaspoons each of roasted and ground fenugreek seeds  and coriander seeds (mixed with milk or butter and taken every night for a month cures impotency (impotencia).

16 6 to 8 almonds, crushed and mixed in 1 cup milk along with 1 egg yolk, 1/2 teaspoon ground sesame seeds (til) and 1 teaspoon honey. Take once or twice a day.

17 Garlic for sexual debility and impotency(impotencia) resulting from sexual overindulgence and nervous exhaustion. Two to three cloves of raw garlic should be chewed daily.

18 Onion is another important aphrodisiac food, second only to garlic. It increases libido and strengthens the reproductory organs. The white variety of onion is, however, more useful for this purpose.
19 Carrots are considered valuable in impotence(impotencia) . For better results, about 150 gm of carrots, chopped finely, should be taken with a half-boiled egg, dipped in a tablespoon of honey, once daily for a month or two. This recipe increases sexual stamina.

20 Lady’s finger take five to ten grams of the root powder of this vegetable with a glass of milk and two teaspoons of ground mishri daily.

21 Asparagus take dried roots of asparagus they are available in the market as Chlorophytum borivilianum (safed musli). Fifteen grams of roots boiled in one cup of milk should be taken twice daily.

22 A soup made with about fifteen grams of drumstick flowers boiled in 250 ml milk is very useful as a sexual tonic in the treatment of sexual debility about 120 gm of the powder of the dry bark should be boiled in half a litre of water for about half an hour. Thirty grams of this powder, mixed with a tablespoon of honey, should be taken three times daily for a month.

23 The juice extracted from ginger is a valuable aphrodisiac and beneficial in the treatment of sexual weakness half a teaspoon of ginger juice should be taken with a half-boiled egg and honey, once daily at night, for a month. It is said to relieve impotency, premature ejaculation, and spermatorrhoea.

24 Dried dates are a highly-strengthening food. Pounded and mixed with almonds, pistachio nuts, and quince. Seeds in equal quantities, about 100 gm should be taken daily as an effective medicine for increasing sexual power.

25 Black raisins should be boiled with milk after being washed thoroughly in tepid water. This will make them swollen and sweet. Eating of these raisins should be followed by the intake of milk. Starting with 30 gm of raisins, followed by 200 ml of milk three times daily, the quantity of raisins should be gradually increased to 50 gm each time.

26 Almonds are basically an energy giving and health building food. It is therefore very beneficial in sexual weakness as its consumption imparts strength. It also gives strength in nervous weakness and helps in sharpening the brain.

27 As dates are great energy givers they are helpful in cases of sexual weakness. Soak a handful of dates in goat’s milk overnight. Remove seed and grind them the next morning. Add a pinch of cardamom  powder and honey to taste. Drink it. This acts as a tonic and is very helpful in overcoming sexual weakness.

28 Dried figs along with almonds and dried dates , roasted in butter are said to be beneficial in cases of sexual weakness.

29 1 teaspoon of powdered onion seeds eaten 3 times daily along with sugar or honey.

30 Mix 500mg of each with 125mg of Abhrak Bhasm .Take 1/2 to 1 tea-spoon full with warm water twice a day (Morning and Evening)