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Masturbation Causes Symptoms Treatment and Diet

What is Over Masturbation?

Masturbation is also called as hand-practice which is an unnatural way of gaining
pleasure to satisfy sexual desires by himself or herself (autoeroticism). .Once a male performs this
excessively it has serious side effects.
Over masturbation can create the severe hazard to the sexual health of the male and natural treatment
is the most effective way to treat the problems because these treatments are effective and also free.

11 Way to Stop Masturbation – la Masturbaciòn Es Pecado Mortal

1.Take a glass of warm milk and add few strands of saffron into it and it at night after taking your dinner.Use of saffron with milk works as the herbal treatment to overcome bad effects of excessive hand practice.

2.Doing Exercise help to overcome the negative effect of excessive masturbation (la masturbaciòn excesiva).
Any exercise like walking, jogging, Yoga, cycling etc. can be good for overcoming urges to hand-practice.

3. Lack of sleep can cause hormonal changes and it is also a reason for over hand-practices so take
proper sleep and consume foods rich in minerals like nuts, seeds, veggies, and fruits are good for
removing deficiencies created by hand-practice.

4. Take a glass of warm milk and add Add two teaspoons of Withania somnifera or indian powder mix it well
and drink it before bedtime regularly. Withania somnifera or Indian ginseng or white
cherry is hormone balancer.

5. Pray and meditate to release tension.Read religious and spiritual books or other books to help you divert your thoughts and reduce hand practice.

6. Take 3-gram powder of jamun or jamoon seeds and consume it with water twice in a day and also avoid watching porn.

7. Cut one banana in two equal parts and apply honey in between them and consume it daily.

8. Eat one apple preserve or gooseberry preserve or carrot preserve with one glass of milk.

9. Take herbal extracts of early purple orchid, winter cherry, cowhage Article Submission, nutmeg or caltrop to get

cured of over masturbation bad effects.Also, take sound sleep.

10. Drink cranberry juice and orange juice daily.They re good for removing deficiencies created by hand-practice.

11. You can control over-masturbation by taking herbal pills like NF Cure capsules, Shilajit etc.

12.If your penis skin gets damaged during masturbation apply a cream “Man1 Man Oil” it keeps your penis skin moisturized and irritation-free.

13. Consume paste of ginger or jengibre with honey it improves your blood circulation and ensures you from yielding to the temptation of masturbating.

14. Increase Consumption of peanuts seafood, green vegetables, and sunflower seeds