Home Remedies for Nose-Running and Sneezing

Home Remedies for Nose-Running and Sneezing Causes Symptoms Treatment And Diet

1.Before going to bed chew 7 peppercorns(sabut kali mirch) and 1 teaspoon sugar candy (mishri).It is very effective in Nose-Running.

2.Tulsi tea- When making tea,add 2 cloves(laung),1 green cardamom(choti ilaichi),1/2 teaspoon dried ginger powder(saunth) and 6 basil(tulsi) leaves,while boiling the water.

Home Remedies for Nose-Running and Sneezing

Home Remedies for Nose-Running and Sneezing

3.Boil 7 peppercorns(sabut kali mirch) and 7 sweetmeat (batashas)in 1 cup water till 1/4 cup water is left.Drink it hot and cover your head and body properly and rest for 10 minutes.Have it twice a day-once on empty stomach in the morning and once at night just before going to bed,for 2-3 days,if you have fever with  the cold,add 7 leaves of tulsi also.

4.Rub a nutmeg(jaiphal) on a smooth grinding stone along with some cow’s milk.Apply this paste on forehead and nose.

5.Crush a fistful of carom seeds(ajwain) and tie up in a cotton napkin and place it near a pillow.

6.Put a 1 teaspoon cardamom(choti Ilaichi)seeds on burning coal and inhale the smoke.

7. Make into a very fine powder equal quantities of green cardamom(choti Ilaichi) seeds ,cinnamon(dalchini),black pepper(kali mirch)  and cumin seeds (jeera).sniff this powder frequently to induce sneezing.

8.Hold your face over a bowl of hot water, with a towel over your head to trap the steam. Breathe in the steam for about 10 minutes, and then blow your nose. Do this three or four times a day.

9.Heat a small amount of mustard oil until it is slightly warm. Using a dropper, put one or two drops of the oil in each nostril. This will help clear up the nasal passages. Do this two or three times a day.

10.Cut ginger root into thin slices, put them in a cup of water and boil it for some time to make a tea. Add a little honey for taste and drink the tea three or four times a day.

Home Remedies for Nose-Running and Sneezing

11.Prepare garlic soup by boiling three or four cloves of chopped garlic in a cup of water for several minutes. Strain the solution, add some sugar and drink the soup twice a day.It is very effective in Nose-Running.

12.Heat a large bowl of water. Add seven drops of eucalyptus oil and four drops each of lavender oil and peppermint oil to it. Cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl to inhale the scented steam. Do this two or three times daily.

13.Put two tablespoons of honey in a cup. Add a pinch of cinnamon powder and one-half tablespoon of lemon juice to it. Take this mixture twice daily.

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14.Mix two teaspoons of honey in a glass of warm water. Drink this twice daily.It is very effective in Nose-Running.

15.Cut 3 to 5 thin slices of ginger, put them into the flask and add boiling water. Close the cover and drink it after 2 to 3 hours. continue for about a week.

16. Take ½ Litre fresh Colostrum (of Cow or buffalo), sugar or Gur, crushed powder Cardamon, ½ tsb Turmeric, ½ coconut juice or 1 cup milk .then In a Utensil add coconut juice or milk, Turmeric, to Colostrum then add sugar or Gur (jaggery) as per sweetness required according to ur choice. Mix it , keep the utensil with lid on it in cooker with cooker whistle removed for ½ hr with full gas on. When the cooker is cooled, open it & remove the utensil . Serve by cutting it into pieces (size of cheese cube). Take 6-8 pieces in the morning & evening. Remaining keep in Refrigerator for consuming afterwards.

Home Remedies for Nose-Running and Sneezing

17.Also Take half teaspoon of cinnamon powder add two teaspoon of pure honey mix with the cinnamon powder.take it twice a day it is very effective in chronic runny nose and allergic and non allergic rhinitis.

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18. Similarly Just take the ginger and chew it raw. In less than four hours time you will the difference for yourself.It is very effective in Nose-Running.

19.Ginger tea with lemon and eating small diced chips of raw garlic worked like a charm. Do this several times a day.follow with a breath mint.

20.Eat garlic in olive oil-(to take away the taste) it works. Salt water solution also helps a bit. If your runny nose has an infection you are going to need to use garlic and the other anti bacterial cures. Salt alone wont do the trick.

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