Intermittent Fasting – Diet Plan, Advantage, Disadvantage & How Does Work

“Intermittent Fasting – Diet Plan, Advantage, Disadvantage & How Does Work” is locked Intermittent Fasting – Diet Plan, Advantage, Disadvantage & How Does Work

Intermittent Fasting – Diet Plan, Advantage, Disadvantage & How Does Work

People take various types of diets to reduce weight. If you want to control your weight and not even ready to leave your favorite meal, then follow Intermittent Fasting. Nowadays, the practice of continuous fasting is increasing rapidly for weight loss.This will not prevent you from consuming your favorite foods. It is a type of fast, which prevents you from eating for 12 to 16 hours. In the early stages, perhaps you may find it a bit weird but it is beneficial. Weight loss means keeping your body composition in balance. How does it lose weight? how does it work? If you are thinking of adopting this fast, then it is important to know about it.Read further to know the advantages and disadvantages of how Intermittent Fasting keeps. People have many questions about Intermittent Fasting.

 “Intermittent Fasting – Diet Plan, Advantage, Disadvantage & How Does Work” is locked Intermittent Fasting – Diet Plan, Advantage, Disadvantage & How Does Work

Intermittent Fasting – Diet Plan, Advantage, Disadvantage & How Does Work

How Does Work Intermittent Fasting

To lose weight, it is very important to understand Intermittent Fasting. To understand how intestine fasting works, first you need to know the status of food and the condition of fast. When you eat your body takes 3 to 5 hours to digest it. During this time the insulin level of the body is high and hence it can not burn fat.After 8 to 12 hours of your last diet, the body goes into fasting when the level of insulin is reduced and the process of fat burning becomes faster. Therefore, those who do intermittent fasting do not have to worry about how much they eat, what they eat and how much exercise they do. Fasting conditions balance their body composition.

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan For Weight Loss –

1- It help to loose weight to people with low fat and high fat fiber. In this type of diet, the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes is also greatly reduced. In this diet, the intake of meat and dairy products is completely prohibited. Protein-based diet consists of 100 foods that are divided into four stages – attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization. By taking protein in the first stage, 2-3 kg weight goes smoothly.

2- In the second phase, 28 specific vegetables are consumed to achieve their goal. Sugar and starchy foods are added to the stabilization stage, which aims to control excess weight. Following the rules in the last phase, the person can eat whatever they want. The focus of this diet plan is to get rid of the carbs in the diet and increase protein and fat consumption. Similarly, the Dukan diet is divided into 4 parts.

3- In the first stage, 20 grams of carbaly goes for two weeks. Healthy carbs are provided in the other stages of the body. Being low-carb diet, it can be helpful in reducing stomach fat. Apart from removing excess fat from your body, this diet can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases and also improves your mental and physical health. Protein is definitely included in one-third of this diet. The remaining two-thirds of the diet consists of fruits and vegetables.

4- Diet in a set pattern is prepared throughout the day in this diet. This means that it has to consume calories in a specific period and you have to fast on the rest of the day. You can eat fruits and vegetables at a short interval. After that, you have to take a full night at night.

5- This diet works wonders for those who suffer from overweight or metabolic problems. In this diet, a low-carb diet such as fish, eggs, butter, meat and low-carb vegetables are eaten.

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan Tips For Weight Loss-

1- 16/8 Method For Intermittent Fasting – According to this, you do not need to have breakfast and have dinner between 12 noon and 8 pm.

2 – Keep drinking water for a while and lemonade will also be better.

3- Eat-to-eat- This category involves fasting for 24 hours a week or twice a week.

4- You can also drink tea and coffee in the morning, which contains caffeine and which helps you lose weight.

5- Diet – Can take 500-600 calories for two days a week, while normal day follows the normal diet plan.

6- Avoid outdoor drinks. External drinks in which low calorie or diet soda is written, actually drinking it is likely to increase the weight.

Intermittent Fasting Disadvantage –

1- Patients with diabetes should leave their intermediate fast at the same time, when their blood sugar levels drop below 60 mg. They should also take plenty of liquid diet during the day, because dehydration in the body can cause paralysis or heart attack. Patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes have a low risk of Intermittent Fasting, but patients of Type 1 diabetes should not be allowed intermittent fasting at all.

2- Patients suffering from diseases, it is very important to consult with the doctor while Intermittent Fasting, because regularly due to the continuous fasting of medicines can be reduced by 40 to 50 percent due to fasting.

3- Enhances acidity – If you are on intermittent fasting then it affects the whole system and gives rise to stomach acidity. So if you follow these kind of intermittent fasting to lose weight, then this is not a healthy choice.

4- Reduced blood sugar can affect the glycemic indicator in the body for long periods of fasting. Due to not eating on time, blood sugar levels can decrease in the body, this can threaten other serious diseases.

The advantage of Intermittent Fasting

The biggest advantage of Intermittent Fasting is that it can be done easily. You will not have to work anything special for this. At the same time, you can also enjoy your favorite foods. It can be adopted according to your convenience. Take a daily, weekly, monthly, and year-round way of eating. It does not have any side effects. This prevents cancer from occurring. By adopting this, your life gets long and healthy.
Intermittent Fasting is easier than dieting and effective too.